Composite insulators MV – HV – VHV

For overhead power lines ranging from 24 KV to 245 KV, INES – through its brand INESMAX – manufactures composite insulators with the highest standard of technology and meeting the highest quality requirements.

A composite isolator MAX consists of:

  • Core
It is the mechanical element carrying the insulator. It consists of a fiberglass-reinforced epoxy resin rod in a resin-based matrix. The quality of the materials used ensures maximum tensile strength for reliable operation over time and under the most severe conditions;
  • Coating
Made of a high quality silicone rubber elastomer. It offers the insulator a remarkable resistance to the different atmospheric demands and to the climatic bad weather. An intermediate sheath made of an insulating material ensures the connection between the coating and the core;
  • Metallic ends
Made of hot-galvanized forged steel and assembled by a mechanical joint coaxial crimping to ensure high mechanical strength and also to eliminate water infiltration.

INESMAX is a brand approved by the ONEE (National Office of Electricity and Drinking Water) in the supply of Insulators and other accessories that concern overhead power lines.