Outdoor Load Break Switch Disconnectors OLBSD

The MAX Manually Disconnected Overload Switch is typically located at the branch line, isolates a cluster of substations and provides isolation and loopback, and is placed on a simple support. concrete of a medium voltage overhead power line up to 36kV.
The MAX air interrupter is suitable for all types of networks, especially those requiring frequent maneuvering under severe climatic conditions (saline humidity, sand, snow, high altitude, industrial pollution, high density pollution zone, etc… )
We have two types of MAX air switch:
– One consists of a switch equipped with an air cutoff device consisting of high-speed stainless steel whips for a breaking capacity of 50A.
– The other consists of a switch with a chamber cutoff device that can provide a cut-off up to 100A.
They are equipped with a manual energy storage control giving a speed of closing and opening
independent of the operator and guaranteeing the power of closure.