Accessories for Insulator Chains

INESMAX is also specialized in the manufacture of a complete range of chain accessories for overhead lines.

The dimensions of the ball joints and socket housing of the MAX chain accessories follow the IEC 120 standard.

The anchoring and suspension clamps are compact and economical, the good distribution of the clamping with the help of stirrups guarantees a good behavior of the driver.

The materials used make it possible to ensure that all the mechanical and electrical characteristics of the chain accessories are maintained over time.

MAX chain accessories meet ONEE technical specifications STC63-L63, STC68-L68 and STC62-L62, which define the conditions that these accessories must meet with regard to the design, manufacture, ratings and testing of qualification and reception to be carried out in accordance with international standards.

Our company is able to realize any other accessory with special plans and specifications.